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Function Tent Manufacturers from Exhibition Tents. Function Tent can range from different types of tents. Function tents can range from frame tents, alpine tents, peg and pole Tents, and Stretch tents. All these tents are designed to make event/function into a party atmosphere. Our tents are designed so that you wont know the difference from a building to an outdoor event. An Function tent from Exhibition Tents is no ordinary tent. Designed for efficient and hassle free set up and take down in a variety of locations, Like the stretch and peg and pole tents, our function tents can be configured to create a variety of different shaped and sized coverings. They have an eye catching and alluring and instantly add atmosphere to any event with our wide range of event tents thus making #1 for function tent manufacturers in India.


Function Tent Manufacturers in India

We are a Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer for Function tents manufacturers in India, We also provides different types of tents like Peg & Pole tents, Aluminium Tents, Frame Tents, Bedouin Tents, Pagoda Tents, Canvas Tents and many more. We also supply our customers with a one stop tent shop experience by providing tent accents and accessories to complement the tents you have purchased. Some of our tent accessories include: Plastic Chairs, Tiffany Chairs, Wimbledon Chairs, Phoenix Chairs, Plastic Folding Tables, Mobile Chillers, Mobile Freezers, Tarpaulin Tarps, Flooring and Gas Stoves.



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